"The Vest Car Life Saver": Provides Padded and Layered Protection From Injuries

​Safety is a vital component for everyone to consider and to be aware of constantly. Safety is even more important when driving or riding in a vehicle. The Vest Car Life Saver is a protective body armor that is specially designed to be worn by drivers and passengers in automobiles. The design intent is to protect the vital and susceptible parts of the body including the head, neck, face, chest, abdomen and back from harm in the event of a crash, effectively reducing the risk of serious injury or death as the result of a car accident.

The Vest Car Life Saver is protective but at the same time comfortable, due to the flexible material. It is fabricated of a fire resistant shell, and features a makeup similar to a helmet, which is made of resin or plastic and reinforced with fibers such aramids to absorb the heaviest of impacts. The unit is adjustable to accommodate wearers of all stature and present the vest-like appearance with a zippered abdomen and chest covering featuring holes through which to insert the arms. The chest, abdomen and back area feature added shock absorbing cushions. A series of ventilation openings are peppered into the corners for optimal comfort. Extending upward, a cushioned collar serves to encircle the neck. The unit is capped with full head gear with a clear face mask allowing for unimpeded vision while in use.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Vest Car Life Saver.
The Patent Pending Vest Car Life Saver was invented by Rene Velazquez and Graciela Hernandez of Anaheim, CA who said, “This product not only protects the wearers in automobiles but should also decrease costly insurance premiums. The most important item is that this product will save lives. It works.”

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