"The Vial Holder": Makes It Easy to Insert the Syringe Into the Vial

​The Vial Holder is an easily portable assistive device, specially designed to help couple a syringe and insulin bottle, holding the inverted insulin bottle so the user can easily draw the insulin into the needle using both hands. It is designed to help diabetics, especially children and those with limited physical capabilities with an easier and more effective means of filling the syringe with needed medication. A children's version with an animal holding the vial will also be produced. The Vial Holder will be a rectangular device with an LED backlit needle guide. The guide will also keep the needle from moving around. The center of the unit will have an open receptacle to house a standard insulin vial. The Vial Holder will secure the vial at a 45-degree angle, and will attach to any metal surface with a magnetized backing. The removable collapsible base is included.

The Vial Holder will not just be made available for children, but for adults with hand tremors, arthritis, or similar ailments. It will allow them to prepare their medication in a manner of seconds without assistance, as their hands will be free to handle the syringe. The Vial Holders made for children will help teach them proper insulin dispensation, and hold the vial so both hands are free to more easily administer their own injections. They could be offered in 3D character designs, such as a teddy bear, puppy, or well-known cartoon personalities. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Vial Holder.
The Patent Pending Vial Holder was invented by Michael and Michele Diefenbach of Willingboro, NJ who said, “This idea was thought of for my young son, who was diagnosed with diabetes at an early age, and had trouble holding the vial and syringe at the same time. It works”

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