"The Visor Pouch": Provides Easy Access to Important Papers in Vehicle

Drivers of vehicles are always aware of what is going on around them, when driving or when parked. A flashing blue light means one must stop and then pull registration and insurance for the officer. This is simple to handle when the Visor Pouch is in place. The Visor Pouch is a clear window pocket or pouch which straps onto a vehicle visor, magnetically held in place against the visor and easily folded downward for immediate access to the contents within. The design intent is to provide consumers with a convenient, see-through storage pocket for important articles like vehicle registrations, insurance cards, handicap placards and more, all visible and within reach thus eliminating frenzied searches when these vital items are needed.

The Visor Pouch is comprised of a clear window compartment or pouch attached to two buckle closure straps, by which the Visor Pouch is attached to a car visor, and is then folded upwards to fit snugly against the visor straps and the visor itself. The pouch is held in place against the visor and visor straps by a series of magnets which run along the inside of the bottom seam of the pouch and connect with mating magnets in the visor straps when the pouch is folded upwards ensuring a secure and lasting closure. The Visor Pouch remains in place unless manually pulled down for quick and easy access. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Visor Pouch.
The Visor Pouch is Patented and was invented by David Juniper of Monrovia, CA who said, “This device offers users a secure and easily accessible pouch holding important papers until they might be needed. The Visor Pouch will be well received by anyone who drives an automobile. It works.”

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