"The Ware Beverage Cube": Works Perfectly in All Sized Areas Performing as Planned

Space is always at a premium in apartments, condos and many smaller homes. But, at the same time, the ability to accomplish different tasks remains the same as required in large spaces.   The Ware Beverage Cube is a multifaceted small kitchen appliance that is approximately one (1) cubic square foot and does not require a lot of space or energy consumption. Combining the functions of a blender, a juicer, a grinder, and a coffee-maker – all in an astonishingly compact stainless steel box, the Ware Beverage Cube will also store, and dispense, hot or cold beverages, and even frozen desserts like yogurt and ice cream.

The compact and electrically power unit is a stainless-steel countertop kitchen appliance that will “grind, blend, juice, brew, cool and freeze (or keep hot), and dispense a variety of beverages, as well as store and dispense desserts like frozen yogurt and soft-serve ice-cream.” It is amazingly versatile to do all this in a mere cubic square foot. The insulated interior of the Cube  is  divided  into  three  sections---a refrigerator/freezer compartment for the preparation and storage of cold  beverages  and  frozen  desserts;  a center compartment equipped with a rotary motor and grinding, slicing, and  cutting  blades  for  grinding  coffee, blending and juicing, and also the functions of a food-processor; and a right-side compartment for the preparation and storage, with an external  hot  plate,  of  coffee  and  other  heated  or  brewed  beverages such as hot  chocolate  or  tea.  Specific settings are available such as---Transfer, Blend, Dispense, and Chill or Grind, Transfer, and Brew. Each compartment is accessible through a separate hinged, locking door, for maintenance and access to stored foods or beverages. The unit is self-cleaning with an automatically operating carbon-fiber brush and features independent thermostatic controls for the cold and hot sides.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Ware Beverage Cube.

The Ware Beverage Cube is Patented and was invented by Vicky Ware of Wyandanch, NY who said, “This is a unique appliance with a unique solution because it has an all-encompassing ability to store, hot, cold and frozen beverage products. It eliminates clutter taking up minimal space. It is a true multi-faceted kitchen appliance that works in all kitchens, large or small.”

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