"The Waterproof Cleaning Caddy": Safe Outdoor Storage Keeps Contents Free of Mildew, Dirt and Bugs

Convenience is the name of the game when cleaning and this new storage container fits that word perfectly. The Waterproof Cleaning Caddy is a specially designed, all-weather container primarily developed for outside storage (patio, boat, camping, etc.), and can also be used for indoor chores. Providing the ability to house a jumbo roll of paper towels and one's cleaning product of choice, the design intent is to provide both household and professional cleaners with a means of keeping supplies secure, clean, dry, and free of mildew and insects while remaining conveniently within reach when needed to perform cleaning tasks.

This specially designed container is made of weather-resistant materials featuring space for two needed supplies for just about any cleaning task. It can be kept in a convenient, designated area, either outdoors or indoors readily accessible and fully intact. It is fashioned in durable plastic with the top of unit featuring a flap-like secured lid with a carrying handle to facilitate portability. The Caddy also has two keyhole openings in the back to facilitate hanging in a specific space. The inside of the Caddy is divided into two sections with one area holding large roll of paper towels and directly beside it would be space for housing a cleaner of choice. The Waterproof Cleaning Caddy’s design allows the user to easily replenish each receptacle either through the front flap or the top lid. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Waterproof Cleaning Caddy. 
The Waterproof Cleaning Caddy is Patent Pending and was invented by Joanne M. Stankovic of Wantagh, NY who said, “I was so tired of having to run in and out when cleaning my patio furniture. I searched all over for a container that could stay outdoors but found none. That was when I designed
‘the Waterproof Cleaning Caddy. It is transparent and keeps the contents clean and dry. It is a convenient container and it works.”

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Source: Invents Company


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