"The Wearable Turn Signal": Announces Movements And Directions During Outdoor Activity

Invents introduces "The Wearable Turn Signal" which designates wearer's directional intent for cyclists, skaters, pedestrians, and more.

Attention runners, joggers, walkers, skaters and – cyclists too! The Wearable Turn Signal will perfectly announce one's movements and directions during an outdoor activity. The Wearable Turn Signal is a line of highly visible, directive signaling devices to be worn on the upper body of a cyclist, skater or pedestrian. It will work equally well for all users...jogger, skater or other walkers. It comes in different configurations including —a back-pack style, a belt style, a vest style and a jacket-style unit. The turn signal can illuminate the left or right side of a large dual headed arrow featuring LED's or Halogen lights within the device.

The Wearable Turn Signal has a belt version to be worn around the upper torso and other variations including a back-pack style, and jacket style and are produced with all styles sharing the same concept in order to prominently displays one's intent to turn left or right. The various are produced in a variety of colors including, black, blue, neon green and many other options. The yellow reflective lettering plainly spells out the intention along with the eye-catching flashing directional arrows. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Wearable Turn Signal.

The Patent Pending Wearable Turn Signal was invented by Andre Degiovanni and Andre Degiovanni, Jr., both of West Covina, CA who said, “This is absolutely perfect when traveling by foot, skateboard, bicycle, motorcycle or any other wheeled device other than a car or truck. It is an alert that works for children and adults alike and will prevent injuries, accidents and may even save lives. My prototype works perfectly.”

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