"The Will Upgrade": Disables a Cell Phone While a Person is Driving

​The Will Upgrade is an app for your phone that will render the phone useless when the motor vehicle is in motion. It is intended to ensure that drivers abide by the rules of the road, and avoid distracted driving due to cell phone use, by identifying whether one is driving by their eye movement and surroundings. While in the driving mode, drivers cannot use their cell phones, except to dial 911 or use the GPS system. The Will Upgrade will connect wirelessly via either Bluetooth or RFID technology. When the engine is started, the device sends a signal to the driver's cell phone placing it in driving mode. While in driving mode, drivers cannot use the cell phone to talk or send text messages except to call 911. Incoming calls or texts will be answered with a message indicating the driver is on the road and temporarily cannot be reached. If the driver attempts to use the phone, they will receive a voice command saying “disabling phone” or “phone use prohibited”. When the vehicle is in park, the Bluetooth will communicate with the software and return the phone to normal communication mode.

The Will Upgrade can be used by any person to assure they resist the temptation to text or chat on the phone while driving. Parents will feel confident in knowing that when their children hit the road, the issue of distracted driving is eliminated. The facial recognition and eye movement tracking in the Will Upgrade will assure that there is no chance of trying to trick the device. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Will Upgrade.

The Patent Pending Will Upgrade was invented by William Hughes of Addison, Il who said, “I drive trucks, and see a lot of drivers who are distracted by cell phone use while they are driving. This causes accidents because their attention is not focused on the road.”
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