"The Window Guardian": Keeps Glass in Sliders and Doors Clean With Ease

The Window Guardian is a line of pull-tab, layered, clear film attachments designed to adhere to windows and sliding glass doors to provide a simple and effective means of maintaining sparkling windows without the need to physically clean them. It also protects the glass against scratches and other damage. Peeling away a layer at a time to reveal clean and clear window glass in seconds, The Window Guardian is especially useful on greasy, grimy kitchen windows, and high traffic sliding glass doors.

The Window Guardian comes in a square-shaped form consisting of six to twelve (6-12) layers of thin, translucent plastic film, initially offered in blocks measuring approximately three and a half feet (3½') in length and three and a half to four and a half feet (3½'-4½') in width, which can be cut to size to accommodate any household window. Other sizes to accommodate various windows and doors will also be available. To facilitate adherence to a window surface, the film is fabricated as a cling-type to allow a seamless fit. Each layer of The Window Guardian comes complete with a handy pull tab located in two corners. The Window Guardian is easy to install. It is removed with a simple pull on the tabs. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Window Guardian.

The Patent Pending Window Guardian was invented by Alexander Linn, (a professional residential window cleaner) of Fullerton,CA who said, “It works well in hi-traffic areas with doors containing windows or sliding glass doors. It also is the perfect helper for homes with children and pets where the little hand and nose prints require an ongoing need for cleaning. It truly is a guardian!”

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