'The Windshield GPS Display': Delivers Line-of-Sight Direction to Driver While Keeping Eyes on the Road

Finding your way to a new destination when utilizing this new device has never been easier. The Windshield GPS Display is a device that displays navigation coordinates and maps directly onto the interior windshield of an automobile. The Windshield GPS Display would also vocalize important information such as turn-by-turn directions, as well as time and distance to destination. The design intent is to provide a safer way to follow GPS maps directly on the windshield and the road ahead without having to move one’s eyes away to view the smartphone screen.

When employing the Windshield GPS Display the view is directly in the line of sight as one looks through the windshield and at the road--keeping attention safely upward instead of away when trying to follow a smartphone screen. While the Windshield GPS Display was primarily conceived as an aftermarket product the concept can be expanded to point-of-manufacture considerations wherein automakers would install GPS systems on the dashboard. Either way, a small Fresnel projector is incorporated that allows the maps to reflect onto the glass of the interior windshield presenting a clear, crisp picture. As with GPS systems on smartphones, the Windshield GPS Display vocalizes such as turn-by-turn directions and time and distance to destination. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Windshield GPS Display.
The Windshield GPS Display is Patent Pending and was invented by Kareem Simeon of the Bronx, who said, “Who would ever have imagined GPS and vehicle navigation systems a few years ago? GPS is here to stay and for traveling drivers, this unit eliminates the need to precariously house a smartphone on the dashboard. My device places the directional GPS display screen right where it belongs---on the windshield and in the line of sight. It works.”

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