"The Wine List Tablet": Provides a Restaurant's Wine List for Both Restaurant Staff and the Patrons

"The Wine List Tablet" is an ultra lightweight tablet computer programmed with the complete wine list of the designated restaurant.

​Most everyone today is familiar with computer products including the tablet, iPads, Nooks, Kindles and more.  Now there is a new product for the wine lover and restaurant goer.  The Wine List Tablet is an ultra lightweight tablet computer programmed with the complete wine list of the designated restaurant.  The main function is to solve problems and cut costs by keeping accurate inventory on wines and spirits the very second they are purchased. Another essential function of the Wine List Tablet is to provide an easily viewed, informative and technologically advanced means of conveying available wines and spirits to patrons. It eliminates the cumbersome nature of traditional Wine Lists and eases the process of ordering wine—both for the patron and the wait staff, it will also allow Managers and Sommeliers to take a physical inventory on the Tablet.

The Wine List Tablet is a point-of-sale (POS) unit that categorizes all wines, cognacs, champagnes and related spirits.  It is a thin rectangular unit similar to the common lightweight tablet. It will be language ready and tailored to match the theme of the restaurant where it is utilized. The high-definition screen features an adjustable backlight that renders an easy-to-see screen in low-lit environments. Once the tablet is presented by a waiter/waitress, patrons are able to view availability, price by glass or bottle and a brief description of the wine. More details can be obtained by asking a staff member for additional details such as the history of the wine and vineyard, and suggestions for the type of food that goes with an entrée selection. What gives this device even more impact is that the unit does an automatic pre-order list of the bottles needed in order to replenish inventory. That alone makes it extremely valuable to the restaurant management. The possibilities of this device are virtually limitless.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Wine List Tablet.
The Patent Pending Wine List Tablet was invented by Rafael Rodriguez of Astoria, NY who said, “As a professional in the restaurant industry I know the value of wine. The Wine List Tablet, particularly in restaurants that have a huge wine list, will work perfectly both for the patrons and the wait staff. I believe it will even bring about customer loyalty to the establishments that provide the tablet to the customers. It works perfectly.”

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