"The Work-Play-Eat Tray": A Needed Item When Traveling

​Anyone who has traveled knows that when you sit down to wait for a flight, and try to eat, it is almost impossible when you are trying to eat and hold a drink at the same time. The WorkPlay-Eat Tray would solve this problem. It is a tray designed to attach to the handle of carry-on luggage, and is intended to give a person traveling a stable, flat surface on which to enjoy a meal, or use for electronic devices while waiting in an airport, train or bus station. It will be made from a hard plastic material and is rectangular shaped. An elongated slot would allow it to slide onto the handle of a piece of luggage. There will be two support arms with snap on clamps to extend downward and offer a sturdy surface for the Work-Play-Eat Tray. A beverage slot would also be included on the tray. 

The Work-Play-Eat Tray can also be stored in a carry on pouch, and be available at all times while waiting for an extended amount of time at an airport, train or bus station. It will provide a ready-made surface for many different purposes when it is necessary. As stated, the Work-Play-Eat Tray could easily fit within the front pouch of a carry-on bag, or could be sold with its own protective casing to match your luggage. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Work-Play-Eat Tray

The Patent Pending Work-Play-Eat Tray was invented by Co-inventors of Cook County, IL who said, “When you are at an airport, there are always many people trying to sit and eat while waiting for a flight. The same is true in train and bus stations. The Work-Play-Eat Tray offers a surface on which to place your food and drink, or even a laptop while you are waiting. This will take stress and strain off of your body.”
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