"The Xtra Lift": A Specially Designed Training Tool For Weight Lifting

"The Xtra Lift", weight / wait — then decide just how strong users are or can be when using the Xtra Lift.

Anyone desiring a way to hold up two weight plates at one time (exercise enthusiasts, athletes, military personnel and others) will appreciate the new Xtra Lift. The Xtra Lift is a specially designed training tool configured in the form of a wearable backpack-style carrier designed to be worn on the back. It is produced in three sizes and would be modified with plates including a five pound weight, standard ten pound weight and a 'macho' twenty pound weight. The unit expands to hold two weight plates at one time.

The Xtra Lift is an effective means of building strength and endurance by carrying the added weight on the body. Individuals wishing to improve their overall physical health will gain more than thought possible without use of this device. It is a practical way to enhance a workout regimen because it increases resistance and the intensity of the desired exercise. It has fully adjustable shoulder straps (worn like a backpack) and fits as though it were customized for the user. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Xtra Lift.

The Patent Pending Xtra Lift was invented by Kenneth Wright of Huntington Beach, CA who said, “I have a prototype which works exceptionally well and has convinced me that anyone using the Xtra Lift will enhance both their training regimen and their overall exercise. It not only increases resistance when working out but also intensifies the designated exercise forcing the body to work harder. It works perfectly.”

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