"The YeoMan Auto Screens": Allow Driver and Passengers to Enjoy Fresh Air and Breezes

​Flying insects are annoying and particularly bothersome in a vehicle. They can also be dangerous should a stinging bee buzz around the driver or passengers particularly if one has an allergy. That problem is solved with these special screens.  The YeoMan Auto Screens is a set of easily integrated or easily installed mesh screens that will cover window openings in a vehicle to let air in, and keep insects out. The YeoMan Auto Screens system permits air to flow into and through the interior of the vehicle, keeping the interior cooler while keeping pesky insects and flying debris out, as well as provide UV protection. (If integrated, the screens could work with the vehicle's alarm system, sounding off should the screens be compromised.)

The YeoMan Auto Screens are composed of a tight, UV-resistant nylon mesh, with interstices sufficiently large to promote air-flow, and sufficiently small to prevent the passage of flying insects. As an aftermarket accessory, the YeoMan Auto Screens are produced in a universal, “one-size-fits-most” for a wide variety of cars, vans, SUVs, and pickups or produced in a limited number of specific sizes corresponding to various makes and models of these vehicles, as well as larger commercial trucks. This type features magnetic or Velcro® type strips to mount the unit. When incorporated at the point of manufacture, the screens open and close in the same manner as the vehicle windows by means of an additional power-window switch. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the YeoMan Auto Screens.
The Patent Pending YeoMan Auto Screenswas invented by Ysroel Sourkes of Brooklyn, NY who said, “YeoMan Auto Screens keep the interiors of vehicle cooler during hot weather plus keep flying insects and debris outside. They work perfectly.”

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