"Thermo Gloves and Thermo Insoles": Hands and Feet Stay Warm and Toasty When Using These Accessories

​It can be a difficult task to keep the hands and feet warm during freezing cold days and nights when one is outdoors or in a cold environment. That is no longer a problem when using the new Thermo Gloves and Thermo Insoles. This is a line of disposable glove and shoe insoles configured with a handy heating element. The design intent is to provide users who live and work in cold climates with a simple and effective means of keeping the extremities warm and comfortable. If the hands and feet stay warm it aids complete body comfort. What sets the Thermo gloves apart from conventional hand warmers currently in the marketplace is that one can complete activities using the hands without having to stop and hold an item that causes the hand to warm the fingers. In the Thermo units, the heating element is made into the fingers of the glove. This allows the person wearing the gloves (or insoles) to continue their activity or work without any interruptions.

The Thermo Gloves and Thermo Insoles work for all ages and genders. The sizes and styles are appropriate for men, women and children of all statures. Each pair is fabricated of durable polypropylene fabric and feature internal heating elements that facilitate flexibility of the gloves. The heating component is similar to that used in the hand warmers currently in the marketplace (a mixture of natural ingredients that when exposed to air react together to product heat). The gloves can be worn as a liner inside a variety of conventional gloves or they may be worn alone. The same heating process is used in the disposable Thermo Insoles with the heat emanating from the heel of the foot to the toes. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Thermo Gloves and Thermo Insoles.

The Patent Pending Thermo Gloves and Thermo Insoles were invented by Kyle Walker of Union, NJ who said, “These work perfectly when one is active in the outdoors during cold winter months, whether for recreational purposes or on a job. It works as a stand-alone glove in dry environments or used as a glove insert into regular style glove. Whatever the case, the disposable warmers solve the problem of humans in cold weather environments. They work!”

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