"Thumbs Up-Show Me Love-Give Me a Hug": A Unique, Artistic Slogan

​We all know the universal symbol of a thumbs up is a positive sign meaning all is good. This is a slogan that will symbolize hope, awareness, positivity, and the loving power of the human spirit.  Thumbs Up-Show Me Love-Give Me a Hug is a unique, artistic slogan created to be used on T-shirts, hats, mugs, etc. It will provide a universal acknowledgment that will be an uplifting message to others.

Thumbs Up-Show Me Love-Give Me a Hug is an artistic, original slogan that conveys a hopeful, universal, inspiratonal, and positive message. It will be screen printed, appliqued, or sewn onto merchandise. It will have an endless variety of uses from garments, beanies, mugs, key chains, bumper stickers, posters, and countless others. A cause related idea such as this should have enormous success in achieving its intended effect or promoting positive feelings in all of life's situations. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Thumbs Up-Show Me Love-Give Me a Hug.
The Patent Pending Thumbs Up-Show Me Love-Give Me a Hug was invented by Eddicia Elijah of Carson, CA who said, “Everyone needs to see positivity each day. I hope to see this become a reality because it will offer a universal symbol of hope displayed on a shirt, or hat, or mug.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: Development of this product is being handled by Invents Company. For more information about licensing or sale, contact the Licensing Department at Invents Company Operations Center, 11661 Hwy 707, 1st Floor, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576    Tel: 212-620-2629    www.invents.com   

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Source: Invents Company


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