"Tiffiney's Waffle Cones": Unique Shapes and Colors Enhance All Frozen Desserts

On a hot summer evening there is nothing better than stopping for a delicious icy cold ice cone. Whether on the beach or on a city street, frozen treats in hot weather mean comfort and contentment and this new line of cones fits the bill completely. Tiffiney's Waffle Cones is a product line of flavored waffle cones for ice-cream, frozen yogurt, and similar frozen desserts. With four playful and unique shapes and a wide variety of fresh savory flavors like real strawberry, blueberry, or banana, and perhaps cookie or candy bar flavors, Tiffiney's Waffle Cones would please consumers by adding a wide range of delicious offerings to their choices of desserts and snacks

Tiffiney's Waffle Cones are offered in four shapes: a traditional cone; a heart-shaped “bowl”; a football-shaped “bowl”; and a round “bowl”. The ingredients include a delectable homemade waffle cone mix added to a variety of fresh flavorings – crumbled Oreo® cookies; fresh or frozen strawberries or blueberries; bananas; Reese's Pieces®; chopped walnuts or cashews – and other potential and delicious ingredients. The resultant mix is cooked in a waffle-iron and molded using a cone-mold and the three separate “bowl” molds into the finished Tiffiney's Waffle Cones and then decorated and enhanced with twirls and patterns of icing. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Tiffiney’s Waffle Cones.
Tiffiney’s Waffle Cones are Patent Pending and were invented by Tiffiney Ericksen of San Bernardino, CA who said, “These cones are special and add to the enjoyment of a frozen treat. My waffle cone creations are as creative as can be and whether one is a football fan or a fan of other sports or events, the waffle cones are the answer – all one need order is their favorite flavor and shape along with the contained frozen treat. These work perfectly.”

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