"Tobacco Paper": Specially Designed Rolling Paper for Cigarettes Featuring a Self-Adhesive Strip

Invents unveils "Tobacco Paper" which makes rolling cigarette easier using this paper.

​Attention cigarette smokers!While a smoker might be mindful of the sticky post it notes, they certainly are not easy to use or right for rolling a cigarette.  The Tobacco Paper, on the other hand, is s specially designed rolling paper for cigarettes with the paper featuring a self-adhesive strip which runs the length of one side of the paper. The design intent of Tobacco Paper is to provide consumers with a more reliable means of rolling cigarettes, as well as a sanitary alternative to traditional tobacco wrappers that are sealed with saliva.
This product is a special augmented paper that is made to be easily sealed when rolling a cigarette and to prevent the tobacco from unraveling and wasting the costly product. It is a lightweight and long burning sanitary paper and measures approximately the size of a regular cigarette length. The self-adhesive side holds the cigarette together and allows for a proper smoke by the user. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tobacco Paper.
The Patent Pending Tobacco Paper was invented by David Le of Garden Grove, CA who said, “Tobacco Paper is stacked in the same manner as the sticky-notes are stacked and the user simply peels a sheet off and prepares his/her cigarette. Fill with tobacco and roll and presto, a cigarette is ready. It is a sanitary alternative to traditional cigarette paper sealed with salvia. It works.”

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