"Tool Talk": Locate Tools Easily Using Only Your Voice

​Finding a tool you need in a large tool chest is not easily done, but with Tool Talk it will be easier. This is a line of specially designed tool kits outfitted with speech recognition technology and LED indicators. It is designed to help consumers locate a specific tool quickly and easily with a simple voice command. If you have a larger tool box with multiple drawers, the specific drawer containing the tool needed will open automatically. Tool Talk would eliminate the need to look through every tool in order to find the right one, it would simply pinpoint the location of the tool needed in a matter of seconds using only your voice command. 

Tool Talk will be a complete tool kit made in various sizes, and well stocked with essential items. The container for Tool Talk will contain the transmitting unit with an internal microphone and speaker to give the system it's voice activated interface. It could be either electronically or battery powered. The receiver would be located in each tool compartment in the kit, and a small LED would be located on the outside of each compartment and provide a visual beacon used to locate each tool. You would just need to speak into the microphone, requesting the tool, and the LED would be activated showing the location of the tool, and would remain lit until the tool is put back. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Tool Talk.

The Patent Pending Tool Talk was invented by Adam Millius of Newark, DE who said, “This would be a very good product for the visually impaired consumer. The simplicity of this product makes it ideal for use by novices as well as the skilled tradesman.”

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Source: Invents Company


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