Travel Mate Pillow With Matching Blanket

The Travel Mate Pillow with Matching Blanket allows the user to travel in style with a comfortable, supportive pillow and blanket.

The Travel Mate Pillow with Matching Blanket is a conforming and supportive body pillow that features a zippered back pocket with a blanket inside. It is specially designed to be worn on the back, and is configured to add support when sitting for long periods of time, and on long trips. This will provide support for the head, neck, and back, and make it easy to rest while traveling. Adding to the convenience of this product would be a pair of adjustable straps, which would allow the user to carry the unit as a backpack. As the user settles back into the pillow, they would find their head, neck, and back enveloped in a softness and comfort. It is created for users of all ages and sizes, and for either men or women.

In addition to being offered in various styles and designs, a few catchy slogans could be printed on the back of the unit, such as "oh so comfy", or "aaaaaahh!!". The Travel Mate would provide travelers with a more effective alternative to support devices currently on the market. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Travel Mate Pillow with Matching Blanket.

The Patent Pending Travel Mate Pillow with Matching Blanket was invented by Khalilah Amin, of Roseland, NJ, who said, "it is hard to stay comfortable when traveling for long periods of time. That is where the idea for this came about. The Travel Mate Pillow with Matching Blanket will alleviate the strain caused from attempting to sleep in airplanes and other transport seats, that offer no support."

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