"Trono-Lock": Performs Perfectly on Windows With AC Units

​he Trono-Lock is a length adjustable, wedge style, vertical safety lock for windows, specially designed for use with window mounted air conditioning units. The design intent is to provide a more durable means of supporting these devices, along with an extra security lock, without altering or marring window casings with screws and brackets.

The Trono-Lock is available in varying lengths and made of materials that includes plastic, wood, or light metal, Trono-Lock has a distinct “I” shape, with a rectangular base and apex flanking a centrally positioned, vertical pneumatic adjustment tube.  The fully adjustable framework accommodates most models of window air  conditioners. The adjustability of the unit allows it to fit virtually any type window, from singles to “double hung”.  The top and bottom of the Trono-Lock serves as the brace of the unit; in other words, these sections would be raised and lowered via the pneumatic tube, which offers a locking mechanism that fits into a series of evenly spaced niches. As such, these components would serve to properly balance an air conditioner while resting securely on the unit and a window sill. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Trono-Lock.

The Patent Pending Trono-Lock was invented by Kenneth Smith of South River, NJ who said, “As a contractor I often installed replacement windows but if they were altered in any way it voided the warranty.  This was particularly a problem for owners who used window air conditioner units and then the security factor had to be considered. That is when I designed the Trono-Lock. It eliminates the need to mar surrounding window surfaces with drilled holes and avoids damage (upholding the warranty) while being able to securely support a window AC unit. It can also be used as a window locking tool even without the window A/C in place but as an extra mechanism device tool for security. It works.”

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