"Tru Brew": Providing Truly Superior Coffee for Any Drip-Style Coffee Maker

Alert for all coffee lovers. There is a neat, clean and new way to make your coffee. Tru Brew is a product line of reusable stainless steel or gold mesh coffee filters in a variety of sizes and shapes, all of which share a unique “brewing chamber” at the bottom which allows prolonged steeping to ensure a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. Tru Brew is designed for use with any cone-basket-or Keurig-style drip coffee maker. Tru Brew will save consumers the time and money spent on disposable filter while producing a superior cup of coffee and leave no paper or plastic waste.

Tru Brew is produced in the shapes and sizes familiar to most consumers who use drip-style coffee makers: #2 and #4 cones; round with pleats; basket-style; and a cylindrical version for Keurig®-type devices. Tru Brew is form-fitting to the coffee maker, and takes the place of disposable paper filters, or, in the case of Keurigs, its cups or baskets. The unit is fabricated in a combination of dishwasher-safe, injection-molded plastic with the filters themselves comprised of stainless steel or gold mesh. Although Tru Brew resembles other permanent coffee filters in the marketplace that eliminate the waste and expense of paper filters the difference in Tru Brew is that other filters are simply filled with the measured quantity of ground coffee, then have boiling water poured or dripped through them (and the filter) into the cup or pot; Tru Brew has a “brewing chamber” or slowly-draining reservoir in the bottom of the filter, with a second, slow-flow mesh bottom below it. When boiling water is poured over the ground coffee in Tru Brew filter – whether in a one-cup cone or a basket-style coffee maker – the double bottom, “brewing chamber” of the filter will allow the coffee grounds to brew longer in boiling water allowing for a smoother, richer, more flavorful cup or pot of coffee. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Tru Brew.
Tru Brew is Patent Pending and was invented by Nicolay Todorov of Chicago, IL who said, “The brewing chamber of Tru Brew enhances the process allowing for more flavor and aroma from the coffee by steeping the grounds a little longer.  Tru Brew makes a better cup or pot of coffee and is environmentally friendly at the same time. It works and provides a perfectly brewed cup of java.”

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