"Uncle Bingo's Famous Jamaican Rum Punch": New Beverage Has a Real Punch With This Delicious Rum

Fresh new drink recipes can be difficult to come by however here is a super new taste that appeals to everyoneA delicious fruity punch is always a welcome beverage at special events and this new recipe will be called for everyone and the crowd around this punch bowl will not leave until it is gone.Uncle Bingo's Famous Jamaican Rum Punch is a specially formulated recipe for a new alcoholic beverage that features the finest Jamaican white rum and all-natural juices. The design intent is to provide a delicious new spirit selection that renders a traditional West Indian tradition a universal favorite.

Uncle Bingo’s Famous Jamaican Rum Punch is spirit comprised of ingredients that combine all-natural fruit juices with a top-shelf Jamaican white rum. The intention of this new beverage is to parlay it into a legendary spirit and a universally savored new cocktail enhancing common Jamaican rum punch into an authentic, yet fresh, new beverage. Offering a variety of tastes ranging from soft to searing, this beverage appeals to virtually any connoisseur. Whether one wishes to indulge in sweetness while entertaining friends, something tangy to unwind after a hectic day, or something smooth to cleanse the palate after dinner, a chosen variety of Uncle Bingo's Famous Jamaican Rum Punch is appropriate for any occasion.  Uncle Bingo's Famous Jamaican Rum Punch offers an effective blending of style, taste, and health-consciousness to the world of alcoholic beverages. It is sold with creative, eye-catching packaging and perfect for use at parties or to simply display in a household liquor cabinet. Uncle Bingo’s Famous Jamaican Rum comes in three sizes-12oz, 16oz and 1.75-liter bottles with unique decorative collectibles. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Uncle Bingo’s Famous Jamaican Rum Punch. 
Uncle Bingo’s Famous Jamaican Rum Punch is Patent Pending and was invented by Patrick George of Brooklyn, NY who said, “Delicious and nutritious, Uncle Bingo’s Famous Jamaican Rum Punch provides the best blends one can imagine. The white rum and All-Natural fruit juices share space to make this a super beverage without any detrimental effects. It works perfectly.”

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