"Up Your Flow": Ensuring One's Feet Remain Dry and Fresh

​Shoes are customarily designed to provide protection and cushioning to a user’s feet, yet many shoes may also provide and unfavorable environment for the user’s feet, especially where the shoes do not allow for adequate air circulation. A shoe that lacks adequate air circulation may be both uncomfortable and unhealthy. Improper circulation often creates excessively hot and humid conditions within the shoes.  It is often believed that sweat is the number one cause of foot odor. When sweat combines with bacteria and fungi, this is the recipe for moist smelly feet. This product is designed to allow the foot to comfortably breathe, by promoting the flow of air inside the shoe itself from all angles, keeping the foot cool, and staving off potential odors.

Up Your Flow is designed to allow airflow to circulate within the cavity of the shoe.  The air flows through this sealable opening which resides in the inner center of the sole.  The configuration of the valves and waterproof membranes severely restrict the ability of heated, water-vapor laden air to flow through the shoe, as a result significantly reducing moisture buildup. The design of the soles is not dependent of the compression of the shoe to act as a pump to force air through the shoes, however the act of walking enhances the process. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Up Your Flow. 

The Patent Pending Up Your Flow was invented by William Walsh of Chicago, IL who said, “Sweaty feet are unappealing, especially when footwear is changed within the confines of a locker room.  This product could be incorporated into a wide array of footwear, from dress shoes to athletic sneakers. And best of all, It works.”

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