"Veggie Squasher": Neatly and Efficient Grate and Store Fruits and Vegetables

Invents introduces the "Veggie Squasher" which provides an easy way to prepare and create delicious potato based dishes.

​Sometimes fresh vegetables can be a problem to prepare and require far more time to prepare than desired and this is particularly true with potato based menus.  The Veggie Squasher is a s epically designed kitchen tool configured to neatly and efficient grate and store potatoes and other vegetables as well as a variety of fruits prior to food preparation.  The Veggie Squasher is a kitchen tool that allows the user to grate products with ease and is great for both home and professional chefs as an easy way to prepare and create a variety of delicious potato based dishes.

The Veggie Squasher can be used to grate any vegetable or fruit. The storage container at the bottom holds the minced potato or other vegetable or fruit while grating. The grate will be extra fine so it will mince every last piece of food. Instead of manually slicing potatoes with a knife or blending them to a paste in a blender, the Veggie Squasher renders the vegetable perfectly fluffy for dishes such as sweet potato pie, homemade pierogis, or even a simple mound of mashed potatoes.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Veggie Squasher.
The Patent Pending Veggie Squasher was invented by Viter Gaspard of Brooklyn, NY who said, “A series of fine blades crisscross and serve as the flaking component of the Veggie Squasher. In a mesh-like style the cutters grate to optimal and flaky consistency. The Veggie Squasher is a very simple design but totally effective and when the work is finished it is easy to clean in the sink or the dishwasher. Any vegetable, cooked or uncooked, will work in the Veggie Squasher. It works perfectly.”

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