"Walking Stick": for Personal Safety When Jogging or Walking and Doubles as an Exercise Aid

​If it seems as though there are few places safe today, that a thought that concerns the person wanting to run or walk for good health – many times at the direction of their doctor. However, it is important to be aware of one’s surroundings and the Walking Stick is a specially designed personal safety device that also doubles as a weighted exercising aid.  The intent of the Walking Stick is to provide consumers who walk or jog for exercise with an effective means of warding off would-be attackers with an all-in-one comprehensive unit.

The Walking Stick is a specially designed weighted walking staff that incorporates mace, along with an audible alarm and light into its inner workings. It is an elongated tubular pole unit, expandable in a telescoping manner to a total length of fifty-two inches and compactable to twenty-six inches. The slim line Walking Stick proximal end features a series of ergonomic indentations or grooves to facilitate a firm grip. Directly below the handle is a trigger that activates the contents of the pepper spray through a circular nozzle. Further enhancing personal safety is a handy hornlike device and brilliant flashlight.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Walking Stick.
The Patent Pending Walking Stick was invented by Uriel Estrada of Sylmar, CA who said, “I was out walking with my wife and kids and noticed that many people had a stick in one hand and a light in the other. Some even had pepper spray. The Walking Stick puts everything needed in one hand. It works.”

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