"Wall Mount Fold Down Table": Space-Saver for Use in Small Areas Plus Much More

​Space for everything is often elusive in many home and apartments. Budget concerns for individuals limit the size of a home, whether it be a condo, apartment, studio or whatever. People are utilizing smaller place all the time but still need to have a place to work, eat and this space-saving table is the answer. The Wall Mount Fold Down Table is a specially designed, detachable table assembly that can be folded flat, and stored flush against a wall. Compacted and extended via a special hinge mount attached to a wall surface, the design intent is to provide a space-saving dining, display, or work table for those who live or work in small spaces, and one that can be unhinged from the wall and used anywhere on its own.

The Wall Mount Fold Down Table is offered in both square and rectangular shapes. It is available in three sizes to accommodate many space needs from small 3’ small to 5’ medium and large at 7’ and is fabricated of a durable glass, wood or lightweight plastic material. It is augmented with a water/stain proof material that is also scratch resistant and allows the surface to be cleaned with a mild abrasive/scouring pad. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Wall Mount Fold Down Table.

The Patent Pending Wall Mount Fold Down Table was invented by Qifeng Zhang of Flushing, NY who said, “The product is detachable and when not in use can be easily folded up to the wall. It can also be unhinged from the wall and transported to a different area in the house or apartment. It works perfectly in college dorms and small apartments, mobile homes and assisted living facilities where space is limited. And, it has carrying handle to facilitate transport out onto a patio, backyard or to the park or the beach.”
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Source: Invents Company


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