"Wash on the Go": A Portable Water Receptacle

Invents introduces "Wash On The Go" which is compact, stores in vehicle trunk and is always ready to supply a quick rinse when on-the-go.

So many people dread going to the beach because of all the sand left on the upholstery and carpet in a car. Wash On The Go is the solution to this as well as other problems. It is a portable water receptacle boasting an integrated pump dispenser that delivers a concentrated stream of water via a hand-held spray nozzle and attached water container. The intent of the product is to provide consumers with a way to utilize a quick clean up when rinsing a vehicle, a pet, the pet's paws, adults or children, or objects that are dirty, making clean-up a breeze. If needed and available, Wash On The Go can also be used with a hose for increased water volume and pressure.

Wash On The Go works just as well on the home front as it does when away. It provides a simple means of cleaning up and is not limited to cleaning vehicles but also great to clean sand from kids before getting into the car, and is good for quick clean ups of adults, kids, and dogs. The plastic materials and rubber/or metal components do not leak and accommodate various cleaning tasks. It also has interchangeable nozzles depending upon the cleansing need of the user. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in Wash On The Go.

The Patent Pending Wash On The Go was invented by Gwendolyn Golliday of Chicago, IL who said, “Once someone has used the Wash On The Go, he or she will never again be without it. It effortlessly cleans a wide variety of areas and works really well when serving and eating sticky barbecue ribs or chicken on the patio or in the backyard. It also works to water plants and is much easier than having to lug a garden hose all over the place.”

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