"Where Are You?": Ends Anxiety and Frustrating Search for Misplaced Smartphone

Losing or misplacing a major piece of personal communication such as a smartphone is a drastic and tragic situation. But, finding it is easier than ever when using this new item. Where Are You? is a specially designed, down-loadable software application (App) which allows a smartphone user to verbally call out, “Where Are You?” to their phone when trying to locate it. Using voice recognition software and language recognition within, the design intent of the, Where Are You? App is to detect and recognize the phone owner's voice when asking, “Where Are You?” and upon detection, ring, vibrate, and light up the phone, to facilitate fast and easy recovery of a misplaced phone.

This cleverly uses voice recognition software and language recognition to initiate visible and audible ques to enable one to find their lost smartphone. Whether lost in one's bedroom, in the car, at work, or outside, the owner of the phone need only speak, or shout, the words, “Where Are You?”  Upon recognition the app will cause the phone to ring, vibrate, and light up, alerting the owner to the smartphone's whereabouts. Easily downloaded at minimal cost from a designated app store, the App provides the user with peace of mind. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in, Where Are You? 
Where Are You? is Patent Pending and was invented by Gilbert Frasier, III of Chicago, IL who said, “Any Hide & Seek possibility is over when using this receptive application to find a misplaced or missing smartphone. No matter where that phone may have slipped or fallen, Where Are You? brings it to the forefront for ease in locating. It works.”

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Source: Invents Company


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