"Where's Rascal": Provides Immediate Location of Person or Pet Upon Immersion in Water

​Boating is a wonderful experience for adults and children but pets love it too. However, there is always the danger of a child or pet falling into the water. Where’s Rascal is a self-inflating personal emergency rescue-locator for boaters, that inflates on immersion in water and serves to immediately and continuously pinpoint the location with a flashing LED beacon and six-foot inflatable glow-in-the-dark flag. Fastening to the life jacket and inflating automatically when a man, woman, child or pet goes overboard, Where’s Rascal provides high and immediate visibility of the person (or pet) in the water—an essential  part of a successful recovery.

Where’s Rascal is a compact device contained in its own mesh fabric pouch or pocket when not deployed. The pouch or pocket fastens to the back top shoulder portion of the life jacket by means of a belt which goes around the entire life jacket or through the arm holes and then fastens by means of mating Velcro® ends. The inflating mechanism and rescue locator are held securely but somewhat loosely within the pouch or pocket by means of a tuck-in flap/tab closure however will exit the pouch easily should the life jacket hit the water. The locator-inflation system will be water-activated and the entire process occurs almost instantaneously. When inflated the locator measures up to six feet in height and terminates at the top in a high-visibility red flag. It is also equipped with a battery-powered flashing LED strobe-light.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Where’s Rascal.

The Patent Pending Where’s Rascal was invented by Karen and Ben Leyva of Torrance, CA who said, “We primarily designed this for pets because so often when the words Man Overboard are shouted, it is difficult to find in the water. Where’s Rascal provides continuous visibility through the bright and flashing rescue locator, making the position of the child or pet easy to see. It provides the necessary visibility on and in the water. It should become an integral part of safety gear for every boater and every life jacket. It works.”

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