"Who's on the Lord's Side": An Encouraging Brake Light

​Who's On The Lord's Side is a special brake light for automobiles  that will display various illuminated, uplifting religious messages each time the driver applies the brakes on their car. It is designed to provide an encouraging spiritual message of Jesus's love to anyone following the vehicle from behind. The box will illuminate such messages as Jesus Saves, Jesus Loves You, Trust in Jesus, God Is Good, and many others.

Who's On The Lord's Side is a thermoplastic unit powered by the vehicle battery and features a rotatable light box with a single bulb that illuminates a message or graphic. It is placed on the rear window shelf of the vehicle. It will attach to the brake light system so that when the vehicle brakes are applied, the electric lamp attached to the box illuminates the message so it can be seen by the driver behind you. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Who's On The Lord's Side.

The Patent Pending Who's On The Lord's Side was invented by Robert Mitchell and Mikita Miller of North Long Beach, CA who said, “In our stressful world, seeing messages such as these uplifting ones can be therapeutic. The display of a message like Jesus Loves You and the like could actually give someone a better outlook for the day. Smile, because every day will be better with Who’s On The Lord’s Side.


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