"Zip Roc Bag": Effectively Contain Odors

Invents introduces "Zip Roc Bag" which effectively contains smelly odors inside the zippered trash bag.

​Nasty odors are a problem most everyone deals with at one time or another. Quite often those unfriendly smells come from the wastebasket or garbage container in the kitchen (and/or in the bathroom). If the new Zip Roc Bag is used, these odors are contained within the trash bag. The Zip Roc Bag is a specially designed bag featuring a plastic, zipper-style fastener which seals the bag closed except when opened to add trash and/or garbage. The design intent of the Zip Roc Bag is to provide a practical modification to the design of trash bags which will effectively contain odors yet leave it simple for a user to add other contents.  It is a line of specially designed bags configured expressly to prevent odors from escaping the bag when stored within a trash can, thus ensuring a pleasant, odor-free environment

Zip Roc Bags are manufactured of heavy duty multi-ply plastic in a range of sizes with easy grip handles. The most notable aspect of this design is that the zipper runs the length of the bag's opening and securely seals the bag except when contents are being added. The Zip Roc Bag is available in multi-count packages and offered in standard white, gray or black hues.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Zip Roc Bag.
The Patent Pending Zip Roc Bag was invented by Michael Weber of Nesconset, NY who said, “Repugnant odors will be a thing of the past in your kitchen, bathrooms or garage when using the Zip Roc Bag. They work equally well in any other environment where it is important to eliminate odors such as in a business, nursing homes, hospitals, and more.”

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