The Extremely Convenient Stay Fresh

The extremely convenient Stay Fresh is a simple and convenient way to rid hands of tobacco odor when hand washing is not available.

Cigarette and cigar smokers, want to get rid of the tobacco odor on your hands easily and quickly, without having to wash hands? The Stay Fresh is the answer. A small container filled with scented gel and sized to accommodate the fingertips of a smoker, the Stay Fresh gives those who smoke an easily portable unit which can be mounted virtually anywhere, providing an efficient and extremely convenient way to mask odors caused by smoking and holding tobacco products in the hands. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer response to the Stay Fresh.

The Patent Pending Stay Fresh was invented by Mohammad Khatib of Channahon, IL, who said, "About the size of the tip of one's thumb, the Stay Fresh has a scented gel within. After extinguishing a cigarette or cigar, one simply flips the top of the Stay Fresh and wipes his or her fingertips briefly over the smooth gel. The scent easily covers the foul odor of the tobacco. The Stay Fresh is available in a variety of scents from floral to various perfume and cologne scents, as well as fresh lemon, orange scents, and more."

The inventor added, "The back side of the Stay Fresh has a peel-and-stick adhesive covered with a paper backing until ready for use. Also, a small clip can be attached to the unit so that it can be clipped practically anywhere- on one's clothing, purse, wallet, pocket, cigarette pack, desk or other convenient location. Easily portable and discreet, smokers may choose to have several of these handy odor eliminating units located anywhere they smoke."

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