The New Pop N Toss

This device provides the needed practice that aids in making one perfect.

The Pop N Toss is a new, cleverly conceived invention that offers young athletes all the practice they need, whether indoors or out, for virtually any ball sport they enjoy. This portable apparatus is a self-contained, height adjustable trainer designed to develop the skills of throwing, batting, tossing, passing, and striking baseballs, basketballs, footballs or soccer balls. The Pop N Toss consists of a sturdy, yet lightweight, tubular framework that can be hung over an open door for interior use, or a structure such as a ball field fence for outdoor use. The top of this frame is fitted with an extension arm that permits the attachment of the batting/striking accessory, whether that be a baseball, softball or soccer ball, that is fastened to an elastic tether cord. The throwing/passing accessory is a square frame with a 17-inch square mesh net that provides both a target and a "catcher" for a ball.

A number of specific drills have been detailed for which the Pop N Toss could be used. These drills will be included as practice tips in the instruction manual which comes with Pop N Toss. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pop N Toss.

The Patent Pending Pop N Toss was invented by Robert Watson of Moreno Valley, CA, who said, "With the Pop N Toss, a child could practice a wide variety of sports just as much as they want, and get better at the essential skills with every practice session, indoors or out. I've found that the Pop N Toss is good for anyone wishing to practice driving a golf ball as well."

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