The Pet Groceries Carrier

This new product, the Pet/Groceries Carrier will carry your pets and/or groceries safely on your bicycle.

The Pet/Groceries Carrier is a crate assembly specially designed to be attached to a bicycle, and would serve as a pet carrier or grocery carrier. It is intended to provide those with bicycles with a secure, efficient means of traveling with their pets, while also offering storage space for purchases. A handy, adjustable basket that could readily accommodate the rear of any bicycle model, the Pet/Groceries Carrier would ensure that those who rely on their bicycle as their primary mode of transportation would possess enough room to store and transport up to a week's worth of groceries in one trip.

The carrier would be able to hold an animal weighing up to 80 lbs comfortably. Providing easy access along with a convenient ramp, the Pet/Groceries Carrier would allow the pet owner to stop by a park and allow the animal to roam and play. This product would readily enhance the convenience of owning and riding a bicycle. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pet/Groceries Carrier.

The Patent Pending Pet/Groceries Carrier was invented by Jose Hernandez, of Bronx, NY, who said, "this is a innovative product that would provide bicyclists with a simple and effective means of safely and securely transporting both pets and purchases. It will be affordably priced, and should be well received by any bicycle owner."

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