Tru Break Martial Arts Training

For martial arts training, use the Tru-Break ... provides a highly realistic model with lifelike responses on which to practice.

Martial-Arts training has so many great benefits that it's no wonder why it has become one of the most popular activities for both adults and children. One drawback for self-defense training is that when teaching and practicing disabling and crippling techniques, real human partners can not be used. There is now a new product that presents martial-arts students, teachers, and training centers with a highly realistic, responsive model on which to practice these disabling and crippling techniques. The Tru-Break is a specially constructed joint that can be used in a product line of realistic, facsimile human limbs and other anatomical features, including a life-size "person". It realistically simulates the breaking of bones in self-defense training.

The Tru-Break is a mechanical, pivoting joint requiring a sufficient level of precisely placed force to dislodge or "break". The "bones" are steel or alloy rods. The joints are variable-torque, locking and resettable joints designed to replicate the joints of the body (fingers, elbows, wrist, neck, knee, shoulder). By varying the size, torque, and direction of the break-point of the Tru-Break, one can simulate breaking any body part that can be used in a joint-manipulation self-defense technique. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer response to the Tru-Break.

The Patent Pending Tru-Break was invented by a professional self-defense instructor, David Ordini, of Plainsboro, NJ, who said, "Anyone who uses the Tru-Break will experience a real to life sensation that the system is "defending" itself with muscular resistance. The "bones" on either side of the Tru-Break joint, as well as the joint itself, covered with a polyurethane foam to simulate the muscle and other tissues of the appendage."

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