Vend-A-Shu Storage for Footwear

Stores all your shoes conveniently and safely in one secure place.

Vend-A-Shu is a vending machine designed for home use, and made for housing and organizing a multitude of shoes or boots. It would be great for residences where storage space is limited. This would be constructed in a similar manner to a food vending machine, with multiple compartments labeled for each shoe or boot. The shoe selection would be made via a computer program specifically developed for the Vend-A-Shu. The compartments would be rectangular in shape, and would store two pairs of shoes or boots in each box. To operate the software from your computer, you would first select the footwear to be stored in the system, then photograph each shoe for use with the software. You would select the box within the Vend-A-Shu machine and assign the certain shoe to it. The shoes are placed in the box assigned, until all shoes or boots are in the machine. The user would input a description of each shoe into the computer program. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Vend-A-Shu.

The Patent Pending Vend-A-Shu was invented by Erica Pierre, of Aurora, IL, who said, "This will provide a more convenient, accessible means of storing, maintaining, and accessing your footwear. "

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